A look at the upcoming patch 1.0.12, Part 2

The most significant change coming with patch 1.0.12 is a rebalance of creature abilities. While several abilities will remain untouched (or simply have their numbers retuned), about 1/4 of them will be revamped entirely.

The first goal of these changes is to ensure that each ability is useful enough for you to consider using in your party. In their current state, many abilities are nearly useless such as Trepidation, which allows the creature to hit invisible creatures and prevents the enemy from fleeing or defending. Trepidation is far too situational to be of much use, and will be removed from the game and replaced with a more practical ability.

Some other abilities such as Craft Brimstone (which gives the player brimstone when the creature attacks) are useful, but seem to cheapen the value of the creature it belongs to. For that reason, these abilities will be removed from creatures that have them innately, but you’ll still be able to acquire them through legendary crafting materials.

What’s so special about the new abilities? Most of them focus on your creatures’ position in battle. As mentioned above, Trepidation is being removed. It will be replaced with a new ability called Tether, which grants the Link condition to all of the creatures in its row. The Brim Smith will no longer have access to Craft Brimstone as an innate ability, and will instead have the new Incursion ability. When a creature with the Incursion ability attacks, the damage dealt is split between the target creature and all the enemy creatures to the right of the target creature, and the total damage dealt is increased by 50% for each enemy hit by this effect. This gives Brim Smiths a sort of “cleave” ability that allows you to decide if you want to focus all of the creature’s damage on one enemy, or damage multiple creatures at once for less damage. The goal of abilities like Tether and Incursion is to force players to consider their own creatures’ positioning as well as that of the enemy. This will add a whole new layer to combat and should make it much more fun.

Here are a few more examples of some of the ability changes coming in 1.0.12:

  • Abnegation (changed): This creature and all adjacent creatures have additional attack, defense, and luck equal to 15% of your current Power Balance.
  • Anthem of Angels (reworked): Name changed to Black Hole Halo. When this creature or a creature adjacent to this creature is attacked, it has a 50% chance to stun the attacker for one turn.
  • Red Eyed Friend (reworked): Name changed to Death’s Advance. This creature gains additional attack equal to 30% of the friendly creatures’ attack to the left and right of this creature.
  • Doomsayer (reworked): When this creature defends, it gains the Timebomb condition. I wonder what Timebomb does?
  • Final Oblation (reworked): When this creature dies from receiving a direct attack, it deals 300% of the damage it received from the last attack to all the enemy creatures.
  • Gift of Evolution (reworked): This creature has a 100% chance for its artifact’s properties that grant it a condition to take effect.
  • Simple Design (reworked): Name changed to Sense of Purpose. When a creature to the left or right of this creature is attacked, it has a 50% chance to intercept the attack.

Remember, this is just a taste of what’s to come; around 50-60 abilities are being revamped, and another 50-60 are being buffed or tweaked to become more useful and practical. There will also be a few new abilities that can only be unlocked by acquiring new legendary crafting materials. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!