A look at the upcoming patch 1.1.0, Part 1

Patch 1.1.0 has been taking a bit longer than planned, but it’s shaping up nicely. The patch contains several quality of life improvements such as new touch controls, some changes to how Nether Eggs are crafted, and much more. Today we’ll focus on the upcoming changes to the Major Sigil system.

Currently, there are 30 Major Sigils in the game. The problem is that they don’t make a lot of sense when it comes to gameplay. The flavor text is very random and uninteresting, and it’s easy to “game” the system by completing Minor Sigils on the first realm level to easily acquire Major Sigils, and then complete these Major Sigils on the same floor to easily acquire legendary crafting materials. There is currently no incentive to complete sigils in high realm levels. Aside from that, since there are only 30 Major Sigils in the game, that means that only 30 legendary crafting materials can be acquired from sigils which also feels very random and contrived.

To solve these issues, the first step is to create a Major Sigil for [almost] every single creature in the game (228 in total so far). Each sigil item description will include some brief flavor text about the creature itself, and if you beat the sigil this flavor text will be stored in the library for you to read at any time. Every Major Sigil fight will be predetermined (rather than randomly generated like every other fight in the game), and the goal is for each fight to be challenging due to the way each creature synergizes with each other. A positive side-effect of this change is that it will give new players some good examples of what a synergistic team looks like. It will also force players to swap out their team with different creatures to better-handle certain matchups. The ultimate goal, however, is to give players an alternative way to progress through the game without needing to run through dungeons all day.

In addition, Minor Sigils will no longer have a distinct chance to award Major Sigils; instead, the chance will increase based on your realm level. This means that it will be very difficult to acquire Major Sigils in low realm levels, but you’ll be rewarded with a much higher chance if you challenge yourself and complete them in high realm levels. Similarly, Major Sigils will follow this principle by having a much lower chance to drop legendary crafting materials in low realm levels. If you complete the Major Sigil in the highest realm level you’ve ever visited, the chance will be 100% as it is now.