A look at the upcoming patch 1.1.0, Part 2

The current Nether Egg system is nice, but it’s definitely not without flaws. The biggest issue is that the number of gems you can use to create an egg increases as your character’s level increases, causing a lot of players to feel that their work becomes obsolete once they level up a lot. That type of gameplay is fine for small things such as artifacts, but that should never be the case for something so time-consuming as a Nether Egg. In addition, high level players are able to eventually create unstoppable Nether Creatures due to the way creature stats scale with level. After a player reaches level 100 or so, they can create a Nether Creature so powerful that it turns the rest of the game into a complete joke. That’s not how this game is intended to be played - it should always feel challenging.

To solve these problems, the number of gems you can use to create your Nether Egg will now be based on the number of activations available on your Nether Orb. Each orb activation allows the player to use three additional gems to create their Nether Egg. Since Nether Orbs can have between 5 and 10 activations, this means that Nether Creatures will always have between 15 and 30 gems. From what I’ve seen during internal testing, this change allows players to still make ultra powerful Nether Creatures without “breaking the game”. It also forces the player to make more interesting choices with how many gems of each enchantment they wish to use.

This change also means that, for example, a level 50 player can create a Nether Creature that as is just as strong as one that a level 500 player can create. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but rest assured that an upcoming major content patch will add plenty of new ways to empower your Nether Creatures and reward players for leveling up their character.