A look at the upcoming patch 1.1.0, part 3.

The new Major Sigil system and new Nether Creature system are nice, but arguably the biggest feature coming in patch 1.1.0 is the introduction of online functionality. This allows Siralim to optionally connect to our server and retrieve useful information for you.

In this patch, the most significant online feature is the introduction of in-game Events. At any given time, I can start a new in-game Event that directly affects your game. Some events will be minor, such as a double experience point weekend, while others are much more substantial such as the All Hallows Eve (Halloween) event that is coming very soon.

I won’t spoil too many features about the All Hallows Eve event, but I can promise a new creature, two new abilities, a new battle condition, a long quest to complete, and…beer.

Other online features include a version checker, which will be particularly useful for Windows and Mac users to see if a new version of the game is available with having to check these forums all the time. There will also be a “Server Message” that is displayed at the title screen which will allow me to quickly communicate with you to tell you about any bugs/crashes to watch out for, new events, and things like that.

These features are only the beginning of some great online functionality that I have planned for the game.