A look at the upcoming patch 1.2.0, part 3.

Conditions are being revamped. In fact, after this patch, they won’t even be called “Conditions” anymore. Instead, they’ll be broken down into two categories: “Buffs” and “Debuffs”. Buffs affect the creature in a positive way, while Debuffs affect the creature in a negative way.

Some of the current buffs and debuffs are too similar to each other. For example, Web and Stun are virtually identical aside from their names, so Web is being removed. Other buff/debuff names are far too specific or ambiguous. For example, Holy Shell will now be called Shell, Gale will now be called Dodge, and Baleful will now be called Critical. Hopefully these new names make the buff/debuff functionality a bit more apparent without having to run to the library and memorize what each one does.

Programmatically, buffs and debuffs will now be more advanced as well. This means that we can add cool new effects that we couldn’t have before. For example, Poison is being revamped. When a creature is afflicted with Poison, it will start with one “stack” of poison. Each time a new Poison debuff is applied to that creature, it will gain an additional “stack” which increases the damage dealt by the poison effects. This debuff can stack up to 9 times, so if you have a lot of creatures that can afflict Poison on your enemies, the damage can start to add up really fast.

Another example of a more advanced buff is called Timewarp. When this buff expires, the affected creature’s health will roll back to the amount it was at when the buff was first applied.

Many spells and abilities will now only interact with Buffs or only interact with Debuffs. This means that spells like Dispel will now only remove negative effects from your creatures, and will only remove beneficial effects from enemy creatures.

Lastly, some buffs and debuffs can now be classified by a certain “type”. For example, Death Knight and Fiendlings are now considered to be “minions”. This means that we could add an ability or spell that increases the duration that all minions stay with their master without affecting other buffs/debuffs like poison or rejuvenation.

Overall, the Conditions revamp should make combat a lot more fun and open the door for us to add tons of new and exciting abilities, spells, and artifact properties. I’m excited for everyone to try it out when it’s ready!