A look at the upcoming patch 1.2.0, part 4.

Two new online features will be added in patch 1.2.0: Secret Codes and Daily Realms. We’re also adding a brand new type of item: Dyes.

[u]Daily Realms
Each day, our server will generate a random realm for players to visit. This realm will be much larger than any you can encounter in the normal part of the game, and will subsequently contain more enemies, treasure, and events. The realm will be the exact same for every single player - each person will encounter the same obstacles as everyone else. You can complete only one Daily Realm per day, and each consecutive Daily Realm you complete will increase the next realm’s difficulty dramatically. If you die, the next realm’s difficulty will decrease, and you won’t be able to enter that realm again.

Several statistics will be tracked for players participating in Daily Realms. You’ll be able to see how many players died in the realm that day, how many people are playing at the same difficulty level as yourself, and much more. There will also be a new list of Accolades on your character sheet to help you keep track of your accomplishments.

Special rewards will be handed out to players who complete Daily Realms consecutively, and some of these items can’t be obtained anywhere else. Examples include particles for exclusive creatures or a new type of item called a “dye”.

I feel that it is important to emphasize that Daily Realms are not meant to force players to play the game every single day. You can, for example, complete a Daily Realm one day and then ignore them for a couple weeks. Then you can complete another Daily Realm and the game will count your progress as completing two consecutive Daily Realms. The only time your Daily Realm streak will be broken is if you die in a Daily Realm.

Dyes are new items that can be used to change your creatures’ colors. There are currently over 100 different colors of Dye in the game. Some basic Dyes can be purchased from Bynine, while others can only be earned through seasonal holidays, by doing well in Daily Realms, or by using a Secret Code (as described in the next section). These items have no effect on gameplay and are purely cosmetic. They’re simply a way for players to customize their creatures even further.

You can also purchase Dye Remover from Bynine which removes a Dye that you’ve already applied to a creature.

Secret Codes
Bynine now offers players a new option: you can tell him a Secret Code in exchange for an item. Secret Codes are 10-digit numbers that will be handed out to players in the future as rewards for contests, as part of special events, or to thank players for contributing a good suggestion or beta testing new versions of Siralim before they’re released. These codes are single-use only; once a code is used, it can never be used by you or anyone else ever again.

[u]Other Changes
We’re still working hard on revamping the game’s user interface, and the first few steps toward this goal will be included in patch 1.2.0. All ability, spell, and buff/debuff descriptions are now much shorter and less wordy. Buffs and debuffs are much more obvious in the game’s text since they’re now surrounded in brackets and color-coded so you can easily differentiate between a buff or a debuff.

In the future, these shortened descriptions will allow us to make room for more important elements in the user interface and to increase the font size - an often-requested feature by mobile users.