A look at the upcoming patch 2.0.0, part 1.

Let’s get straight to the interesting part: the new skill point system.

Your character will now gain something called “Royalty Points” when you gain a level or complete a Duty. You will earn 3 Royalty Points each time you level up, and you will earn 1 Royalty Point each time you complete a Duty. In the future, you will be able to gain Royalty Points through other methods as well, but that’s it for now. Royalty Points will be awarded retroactively, so if you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ll probably have several hundred points to distribute when you play the game with this patch.

Royalty Points can be distributed to one of three major categories: Character, Creature, or Perks. Each category offers a bunch of different bonuses. Below is an example of bonuses for each of the three categories:

Character: these bonuses improve your mage directly. There are currently 28 Character bonuses in the game, some of which include:

  • Increase Maximum Power Balance
  • Increase number of charges found on spell scrolls
  • Increase chance to find a treasure chest after battle

Creature: these bonuses improve all of your creatures passively. There are currently 11 Creature bonuses in the game, some of which include:

  • Increased attack/health/defense/luck/speed.
  • Chance to dodge attacks.
  • Defense piercing, which allows your creatures to ignore their targets’ Defense.

Perks: these are class-specific bonuses. For example, Death Magi will be offered different perks than Nature Magi. The goal of these perks is to add some serious differentiation between all the classes and make each class play differently. Death Magi can finally feel like necromancers, Sorcery Magi can finally feel like real spellcasters, etc. Each class currently has 5 unique perks, some of which include:

  • Some of the experience points your creatures gain in battle are also granted to all the creatures in the Stable. (Nature Mage)
  • Chance for a much more powerful effect to occur when using a Pandemonium Token. (Chaos Mage)
  • Chance for your creatures to resurrect as a random Death creature when they die. (Death Mage)
  • Your spells have a chance to not consume a turn. (Sorcery Mage)

All of the bonuses listed above have several “ranks” that you can obtain. The higher the bonus’ rank, the better it is or the higher chance the effect will occur. Here’s a look at the user interface to give you a better idea of how it’ll all work:

As you can see, I have 3 points invested into the Apathy perk, which is enough to give it rank 2. These means that my creatures will take 8% less spell damage when they’re defending or provoking. To get this perk to rank 3, I’d have to invest 3 more points - this cost is specified next to the “Points For Next Rank” text. This particular perk can go up to rank 25 before it’s maxed out, meaning my creatures would be immune to all spell damage while they’re defending or provoking.

You can invest in any bonus or perk in any order you want. There are no restrictions with this system at all.

This system allows you to customize your character and creatures to suit your playstyle. As a side-effect, this will also allow you to travel to higher Realm levels at a faster rate, which should make the game more enjoyable overall. The Royalty Points system will be expanded on over time, and each patch you can expect to see new bonuses and perks added - including a new major category that I’m not quite ready to announce yet.