A lucky find

As I was using my newly-purchased nightwing gargoyle to gather resources, I found a wandering merchant, who happened to be selling a legendary material. It was the first time I saw one selling one, and not only did I have the resources to purchase it, but what ability was it?

Calamity. (This is with only nine tiers unlocked!)

Welcome to the half of the game that involves killing people by looking at them really hard.

Until Tuesday or so, at least.

Yeah, I’m not actually going to use this on anything until it gets nerfed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting to get deeper into the game now, finally - even though I definitely can -complain- about the game, I hadn’t played terribly far in it. I’m starting to plan out legendary enchantments, though, as well as team synergies.

Sorry about the double post, but the luck keeps on giving - 2 or 3 major sigils in, I find a Topaz Paragon sigil and snag its legendary material as well. Just letting my Stronghold provoke first gives me so much more breathing room, let alone the rest of my team getting a turn as well. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d venture to say Topaz Attunement is the best ability in the game - getting that first turn lets your tank provoke (if they don’t have a taunt inscription, or aren’t a Pegasus) and let you pick off key enemies and avoid the initial burst of spells on the first turn. No more random deaths due to the spell roulette picking Mind Wrack!

If you’re looking for a great stronghold setup, try this. I discovered it by accident, lol.

Stronghold (Toxic Thorns, Necropolis ability) - Set to Provoke
Witch Doctor Sacrificer (Topaz Attunement) - Set to Defend

Other abilities to coniser - Curse of the Silent, and those from Wyvern Sonicscreecher, Cosmic Giant, Twisted Carver

The Necropolis is the second doom fortress available after Stronghold. He inflicts poision for 3 turns on every enemy who attacks him (after provoke or defend), however his provoke is not 100% like SH. But when you combine the two (SH with Necro ability, or vice versa) you get a tank capable of doing reasonable damage on every direct attack performed by the enemy. And none of this involves the attack command!

Now the Witch Doctor Sacrificer is what makes this tandem shine. When he defends, every ally attacked for that turn will receive 1 (yes, you heard me ONE) damage. WDS on the other hand will receive 2x more the regular damage if he’s hit. But that won’t matter since ALL direct attacks will go to the SH/Necro Combo, and receiving only 1 damage virtually ensures its survivability for the battle. With the Topaz Attunement you have, this setup will always be initiated before the enemy’s turn.

Now obvious weaknesses are spells if you’re not able to wipe out the enemy on the first turn. I would strongly suggest getting the legendary material which grants the ability Curse of the Silent, which prevent both you and the enemy from casting any spells. Sorry, I forgot the name of the material. This forces the enemy only perform physical attacks. And since all their attacks go to ONE guy and only do ONE damage, they’re not gonna break through that impenetrable wall any time soon. But if you don’t have Curse of the Silent yet, good anti magic creatures to have are Wyvern Sonicscreecher, Cosmic Giant, and Twisted Carver.

While solid, this setup is not fullproof. Health % based attacks still have the potential to break your team down (Resin and Celestial Furnace come to mind). Watch for the occultist creatures especially the Viper Occultist who managed to take out my ST. Also be wary enemies with multi-target attacks like splash or cleave; or that can inflict damage over time effects like poison, bleed, or burn. If you run into any of those type of enemies, make it a priority to take out them out first as too avoid a potential wipeout

I don’t remember the tiers of these creatures exactly but you should be able to have this combo by around Tier 13 or 14.