A mega-fan of the genre, and both games

Hey all,

Karilis, aka Trips, aka Tripsette, and a few others here.

This game has been amazing. I’m disabled, so I’ve been doing little else except playing it lately.

I freely admit to memory editing games, cheat engine and the like. I enjoy the grind, but I reduce it/remove it when I can, to try more combos and stuff.

The Siralim games strike so many of my favorite aspects of gaming.

Alternate advancement (levelling/post cap levelling allowing points with small bonuses or even incomparables to be allocated)
Monster catching/summoning
Monster breeding/comboing/rebirthing for better stats
Unique traits/ability combos
ability to “go infinite”
Infinite scaling so going infinite is actually beneficial
Quickly starting the action/skippable but intriguing dialog
And the list goes on and on.

The only things I’d hope for in a Siralim 3 (beyond more new creatures and traits) is a more up-to-date user interface, things like mouse-over tooltips(hotlink to the library info on mouse-over of buffs and such), scrollbars, mouse support in general. I’d like to be able to hover over a monster and have popup info during battle for my own monsters, and for identified enemy monsters, and if they get extra traits during the battle, be able to scroll through them and so on, hot-updated as things happen, especially during semi-infinite chains where traits are getting added. Basically, utilize new millenium user interface sensibilities.

Absolutely nothing against the retro text-majority arrow selectable interface, that’s what would keep me coming back to Siralim 1/2, I would just hope that if there ever is a Siralim 3, and it’s got even more traits/monsters and similar or greater complexity, that the UI would be brought up to help deal with that complexity. I would just like it if I didn’t feel like I needed 4 browser windows open with dozens of tabs each, with traits, spell gems, bestiary and breeding combos open while playing, lol. Some/all of the info is already available in game, but it’s either behind multiple layers of menus, or in the library. (Well, some of it has to be discovered, which is totally cool, the breeding combos and stuff.) I’d probably still keep dozens of tabs open for a new game, since I tend to get a bit obsessive over learning everything about the system.

I’m actually stoked that it appears that game maker language/GML was used. I understood the error message that popped up, which gave me deeper insight into the game and its workings.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to post! I’m happy to see you’re enjoying the game.

While the next game won’t be Siralim 3, it’ll be similar in a lot of ways, and many of the UI improvements you requested will be included. The UI won’t have as much text at all in favor of icons, it’ll support mice/keyboards/gamepads, and should feel a lot more responsive overall. The “library” idea from Siralim will make a return, so coupled with the UI improvements, it should give you rapid access to a personal Wiki-esque thing right from inside the game.

Sounds fantastic! I look forward to your studio’s future projects. Your community interactivity and rapid development schedule have astounded me. I kept an eye on Siralim since it started making news on Steam, just couldn’t afford to get it til recently.

Good luck with all your future endeavors, keep up the awesome work!