A new consumable

Currently, when a legendary mat is enchanted on a artifact, it is practically impossible to change it. I am suggesting having a consumable that will destroy the artifact but retrieve the mat. This consumable should have the same drop rarity as a legendary mat.

Put the legendary enchant on the artifact first, and then you can erase all the others and build whatever you want on it. No other craft mat has comparable value to a legendary anyways.

I think what fate is looking for is a way to retrieve the legendary mat, possibly to put it on a more advanced artifact of the same type or perhaps also that he placed it on an artifact that he doesn’t want it on.

Thinking about it, this is a great idea for the game. It not only gives you a useful feature for progression, but it allows the game a way to reduce the build up of artifacts and push you to want to go after better artifacts. This lack of desire to seek out artifacts is a significant trouble for the game, imho. Implementing this might not fully solve the issue, but it would definitely help. Good suggestion, fate.

If I’m not mistaken, Pandemonium Emblems can give your equipped artifacts random enchantments, including Legendary. I think that happened to me once or twice.
In this case you might get a great legendary mat on an unsuitable artifact (and in the last slot!)

Just an idea. But maybe it’d make sense to add “advanced” customization options to the game? Namely the ability to force weapon stat reforging to aim at the top 80% within the possible range, as well as being able to reforge the main-stat of the item in question. Both at a steep cost that might, hopefully, make Brimstone and Crystal less trivial.

It’s not quite the same. But it would make it easier to work around wrongly-built, or plainly outdated, weapons.

For the sake of the artifact game mechanic, we shouldn’t be given further reasons to keep old artifacts. We need incentives to move onto new artifacts! The op suggestion would be good in this regard.

I’m so-so on pushing for new artifacts. I’m a completionist, and always get into the crafting aspect in games that have it. I don’t mind putting a lot of time and effort into crafting things, but already find it pretty annoying that every level the stats on crafted artifacts goes up. In the early mid levels, you might not have enough legendary mats to remake all your weapons with a slightly higher primary stat. But later you’re drowning in them, and it just seems an annoying waste of time to remake the exact same artifact for a 10% or so boost every few levels.

Though the biggest thing that frustrates me is finding an artifact with the improved chest loot in the right place. Since I’m pretty sure you can’t ever get that except on random artifact draws, it’s annoying when you have something mostly useless like an elemental defense stacked on the other side of it that you can’t get rid of.