A new idea for improving enemy spawns for farming and looting?

so hey Zack and Thylacine Studios… so since i was playing the Nintendo Switch version which is great by the way so… i kindo of missing the few things i liked much about spawning system from siralim 2 punishments but thats not really the point so i propose a idea that it would improve on farming for knowledge, collect cards and talismen, finding Singular creatures for all sorts of realm is to add a spawning setting in Game Options Menu so… you can add a toggle options to add limited spawns as your own usual setting and add few more spawns per realm like 2-4 mobs minimum per realm only so you would have easy time hunting for bit more longer without have to return back to town to re-spawn without too much hassle… so please think about it and add a new option for people to improve their gameplay?

Thanks for the suggestion!

hey i forget to mention this so… what i wanted was the same answer and add one more idea for spawns to do like this punishment from Altar of Blood feature from Siralim 2 “Strife - New packs of enemies spawn when you defeat other enemies in normal battles”, but you can remove the chests and destructible objects out of the setting so sorry if i asking for a lot of questions but i want to improve the game as thats why and let the people hunt these creatures for more cores, cards, more specifc loot, singular core and talismens etc more efficiently from any of these spawn setting new idea