A new sigil tier level 6 with a twist.

I would love to see an addition to the sigils to bring in a new Level 6 tier (ultimate) that has 6 properties and one very different aspect.
A level 6 sigil has no cap on the increased damage / increased stat / stronger boss perk.

However every 10% more for the bonus stats is harder to get. Lower odds basically. The higher these stats above the 270 cap results in a increased rate of bonus return.
So for example a sigil could be +360% more health or boss is 360% stronger. These figures can only be possible on a level 6 ultimate sigil. Level 6 should be very very rare to find also.

Another fun thing would be to add very special possible properties that only a level 6 could have. Something like increased experience +75% increments of 5%. Or bonus all resources +50% etc. Special rare properties.

I love sigils how they are. I just don’t like caps and if we could bring out an ultimate sigil level where no cap exist, only an increased level of odds the higher the bonus gets. Example 300% was 1/210. 310% is 1/218. 320% is 1/336. Like that however you see fit to balance it. Unless you know another better way of bringing out a capless system lol. But ya I hope to see something like this!