A perk that would allow this please :)

I would really like a perk that would reveal the enemies HP same display as your teams HP, no MP or anything just the HP. I dunno but I would really enjoy seeing the hp of the enemies!

Nature mage has it already :wink: (well, just the percentages)

oh really? I am life mage lol… but would be nice to have a general perk that allows to see the actual numbers. I dunno I just find it fun if I could see actual hp number with gene strength causing pretty varying stats, would be cool to be like oh this guy won’t take much to kill… then same one beside it has like 3x the hp makes you go dang this one could be rough.

Its to bad the boss rooms in realms, they are just as easy as normal mobs rather than the huge hp the actual bosses had at specific realm levels.