A Serious Argument: Bringing Back Tavern Brawl

For most of us in the absolute late game, the game is essentially solved. Battles are optimized and quick, but the puzzles and battles aren’t going to challenge us anymore. I think the only solution to a never ending late game for battle depth and changing up strategy would be tavern brawl, battles and strategies created by the players, NOT exactly how it was in Siralim 3.

Tavern Brawl in Siralim 3 was disliked for a few reasons:
-Tied to achievements
-Tied to VERY VERY rare Godspawn
-Needed to beat 100’s of people to get very few things ( I beat around 400 people and was about halfway to the talisman)
-Beating people to earn tickets was NOT easy. Especially if you were newer.
-Functional content like creatures and spells were locked behind it.

Tavern Brawl also had some fantastic things about it:
+Weekly rule swaps encouraged team swapping/adaptation
+Difficult battles for those who have beaten most content the game has to offer
+Was a way to showoff your skin + Title and any singular creatures you had. Could be a very cool way to show off your creatures accessories and color schemes. (Bring back titles please, those were awesome too!)
+Rewarded you for beating hard tavern brawl players.

Siralim Ultimate’s Tavern Brawl would need a few things tweaked:

  • No tie to progression, no prophecies for it, no creatures or spells attached as rewards. No achievements attached or if there is, make it be just an achievement for unlocking it.
  • Strictly cosmetic rewards, be that new skins or new castle decor or new accessories.
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly rules would need to be on rotation to prevent stagnation in metas.
  • Unlocked late game, to prevent noob crushing. (maybe somewhere between GOTG and False Gods, there is a bit of a drought there for unlocks)
  • Specs and netherstones disabled, 5 annointments allowed, except Multitheism, that annoint is NUTS. (Or whatever arbitrary number would work best, 5 just seems good enough. The annoints would also be visible at the top of the screen for easy visibility.)

With the changes listed above or at least most of them, I think the community’s reception of Tavern Brawl would change drastically. The old tavern brawl was associated with grind and RNG essentially but with tweaks you can make it a fantastic late game addition.


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Side note, if this is not in the realm of possibility for free DLC, I’d throw down a good chunk for paid DLC or a 2nd Kickstarter.

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