A small breding thing that can possibly make things a ton better

currently accessing ‘show me the things i can breed using what we know’ takes a lot of time, prob its due to its building or accessing database or tables, or whatever, thing is, once it loads, you breed one thing, it quits menu, unloads all things, and you have to start over. ITs really long if you have like 4k breeding recipes and 1k in stable, maybe again make it so it wont unload, - until you manually exit the menu, so you can breed 10-20-30 times consequently and it will only delete 2 entires per breed? idk something like that, interface is pretty ok for that, it just building/loading times and thats you have to suffer them multiple times usually, maybe can look at that once you have time.

I gave up on that “show me the things”.
I now prefer to simply advance my levels, unlock more creatures that fight me, and extract from those.
If I desire a specific creature, I’ll ask people what the recipe is if I don’t know it already.