A Soundtrack Thing: Sprucing Up Nemeses and Minibosses

I had a thought while I was browsing Siralim 2’s soundtrack, and something neat came to me.

It always annoyed me that nemesis packs and the minibosses found in the portals in some realms(Vertraag, Yseros, Surathli, Meraxis) used the normal combat music…so why not do it like this: for Nemesis packs, use S2’s battle theme, and for the minibosses, use S2’s boss theme. This helps spruce them up some, and let players realize they’re not just dealing with any old pack of mobs!

And if it’s an issue of instrumentation, it might be an idea to cover the musician who arranged S3’s soundtrack and get him to cover the relevant themes. Heck, maybe he could cover the rest of S2’s soundtrack too, in case that ‘Jukebox’ idea I suggested way back when happens down the line. :stuck_out_tongue: