A Swarm of Bugs/Issues to Report

  1. The Eye of the Thylacine trait can’t be used by enemies, and gives all of your creatures the same immunities your Thylacine gets.

  2. The Patriarchy trait also redirects damage from effects, not just attacks and spells. (Possible typo?)

  3. The Earthen Embrace spell gives creatures a Barrier that can block some damage, even if they don’t restore Health. (I accidentally cast it on a creature that had full Health when I came across this bug.)

  4. Existing buffs/debuffs being able to be renewed when given to a creature again not only makes traits and spells that could already extend their durations obsolete, but also makes the No Sudden Movement trait extremely OP.

  5. Enemies are Level 24 at Realm Depth 20 and Level 23 at Realm Depth 21.

  6. Creatures with the Incandescence trait can still lose Health to debuffs like Poison, Burn, etc.

  7. The Cast On/When Crit spell properties have their roles reversed.

  8. The Curse of the Outspoken trait doesn’t activate in response to enemies autocasting spells.

  9. One of the breeding combinations for the Gorgon Gazer involves using an “Amaranthe”; the typo prevents this combination from being used.

  10. The SKREEE!!! trait afflicts the Confuse debuff at the END of an enemy’s turn, not the beginning.

  11. The “Offering” Death spells give temporary summoned creatures less stats than what’s taken from the creature you target.

  12. The Sycophant, Dark Embrace, and Reign of Pain traits all make creatures do less damage. The Reign of Pain trait also seems to work like the Vital Shot trait, because my Revenant Captain was doing more damage to wounded enemies.

  13. When the Incarnation trait activates, the creature with that trait doesn’t get the spell cast on it unless it’s manually targeted.

  14. The game doesn’t seem to register the Unanswered Prayers spell getting cast multiple times. I’ve tried using a combo utilizing it and the Enim Ophan’s Twist of Fate trait, but the caster only ever gets 1 buff.

  15. The Liberation trait redirects buffs and debuffs back at the enemy, and can redirect buffs/debuffs whether an enemy is targeting enemies or allies. (Possible typo?)

  16. The damage all enemies receive from the Conflagration spell only happens if they have the Burn debuff, and only does 35% of the damage that the Burn debuff would do in a single turn.

I’ve seen the following bugs reported by others in the forum, but I’ll add them to the list anyway.

  1. It’s very rare, but environmental obstacles in a realm can sometimes block you. One of the campfires I needed to light for a Realm Quest did such a thing to me once.

  2. The Drain Life spell has varying levels of effectiveness. Very few times it does decent damage, but oftentimes it does very little damage, if any at all.

I know these issues probably won’t be fixed, with the series moving forward and everything. Best of luck with Siralim Ultimate. It’s a shame Siralim didn’t sell well on itch.io. It being DRM-free was one of the main reasons I took interest, since I’ve got a collection of DRM-free games I’m building. :frowning:

Thank you for all the information!

Found another bug recently concerning the Black to White trait. Similar to the Liberation trait, Black to White can interfere with buffs and debuffs enemies give to themselves/each other, in this case giving them random buffs in their place.

I’m just going to edit this post as I find more bugs:
o The Crumble trait doesn’t work.
o I think the Cloud of Embers spell might be doing more damage to enemies higher up on the Action Queue (it’s supposed to be doing more damage to enemies near or at the bottom).
o When the Jolt trait activates, the creature after the enemy who had their turn skipped also has their turn skipped. (This can affect your creatures as well, for clarity.)
o Unlike every other spell with a secondary effect, the Ice Bolt spell doesn’t have its secondary effect (which is to freeze its target) triggered unless it does damage.

Glad to help btw, though much of this might be irrelevant, since I learned some effects have changed in Siralim 3…