A very strident warning for Hardcore Mode

I think there should be a warning along the lines of, “DO NOT select Hardcore Mode for your first game! Seriously, don’t. You’ve been warned.”

Or even better (maybe), grant a one-time-only chance on death to turn it into a non-hardcore game.

Or, unlock Hardcore Mode by reaching mage level 50 in a normal game.

Or something, you get the idea…I saw a very frustrated player in the Steam forum who lost five hours to that and probably ragequit forever. (Yeah, we know five hours is nothing, but he didn’t, and that’s kind of the point.)

Maturity is optional on Steam.

Having a poptart warning on your game, however, is forever.

Definitely right about maturity. I’m not sure what the second sentence means, though?

If you mean it’s not worth bothering everyone with a popup warning just because some people are immature, then I (very) respectfully disagree. Immature players can (and often will) leave a Steam review just like anyone else.

Plenty of games (especially roguelikes, which Siralim lists as an influence) are designed around permadeath, but Siralim emphatically is not, although that’s not made clear to a new player. Unless they’ve read through the forums before playing, how are they to know that a “run” lasts hundreds of hours?

I make it a point to choose permadeath in games where it is offered, because I enjoy the thrill. The only thing that kept me from choosing it in Siralim was that it was in “Advanced” options, and even so I almost did. I just had no idea how much investment there would be in a single game, and I’m very, very glad I didn’t choose it.

On reflection, I think locking Hardcore mode until the player has reached mage level 50 in a normal game is the perfect solution. No need for annoying warnings, and instead of trying to describe in limited screen space just what they’re risking with permadeath, it shows them directly.

The hardcore option message is already pretty straightforward: your save file will be deleted when you die. The person in question even admitted that he knew what he was doing and just assumed the game was easier than it turned out to be.

I just think that almost anyone would assume wrong, because Siralim is pretty unique. But of course it’s your call and I won’t keep on about it.

A poptart warning is when you force people to listen to a warning about something that’s already obvious - so called because the classic example is the warning on a poptart package informs you that CONTENTS ARE HOT WHEN FRESHLY REMOVED FROM TOASTER.

How about an option to permentantly remove hardcore mode from a save? Obviously never going back.

Personally i am level 120 ish in hardcore mode, but it does scare me alot. I do take less risks, but as a advanced roguelike player i just select it out of habit.

IF a game in its description lists roguelike elements in the first sentance i would assume that hardcore is part of it. Because thats one of the key elements of roguelikes. In this case i am wrong, but the description might be misleading.

The suggestion that upon death convert the game (optionally) to non hardcore is a good one.

However i do adore the game either way. But if i die i prolly wont start another hardcore game.

I got a HC character to 326 before a randomly rolled Nether Omnipotent Deity bent my entire team over in two turns.

It is for this reason I do not recommend Hardcore.