A way to "create" a creature?

Unless Siralim ultimate already has such a thing?
I was thinking it would be really cool to give an end game feature requiring a project to allow the fusion dude to add like an incubator where you can take monster mana + a trait material to create a monster you like with its own custom trait. You can then fuse it to either a normal monster or a second custom created monster to have your own cool looking monster with 2x traits you could choose.

To even make it more interesting, the incubator requires an item called a Nether Egg. However this Nether egg is empty but comes with a special bonus. The Nether egg could have the same rarity system like Nether Stones. The higher the rarity the better the special bonus can be?

The special bonus would be extra base stats and potential bonus % growth rates, bonus spell slots, bonus spell potency / bonus attack damage % etc. No extra traits or crazy stuff like that.

Example could be:
Nether Egg (Rarity: 100)
+5 Base HP
+2 Base Attack
+3 Base Speed
+14% Creature Growth Rate

Thanks to the Fusion guy he can level up your creatures fast so making these new special monsters doesn’t require levelling all over again. These creatures can be classified as Nether Creatures?

Could be a neat way to introduce eggs back into Siralim and allow a way to use your favourite creature art with your favourite traits.
As a side effect to unlocking this, you can fight Nether Creatures that also had bonus stats within the realm instability difficulty.

Yay / Nay? Could also be an expensive cost of like 50k power to incubate the egg.

This is a great idea

Mmmm, for starters, what you describe is effectivelly the old breeding system the previous siralims had (each with their own especific details) which was, as a new revolutionary feature, taken out for the new fusion system which is way poggers, and less convoluted. On another hand the ”creature creation” in itself, as late game mechanic sounds like a bad idea, first because its not really needed, and to some degree simplyfiess to much one of the aspects of thr game which is team comp combining, while at the same time rendeers many mechanics unusable upon the use of that mechanic, be it race dependant traits and perks, or the like, and therefore puts the mechanic, which is quite broken, in the good and bad sense,unacsessible to many builds unless they used cockatrice perks. Thats said, it also would be a pain to balance, and if you want traits from other races in creatures you have artifacts, as well as extra trait spells and traits