A Wild Vagrant Appears

Forgot about this board. Alas!

Vagrant, ancient Wikipedia monster and itinerant book editor reporting in. I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home, or really wherever I plug my laptop in (people get less frizzy about annotations when you put them on electronic copies and not their old and musty manuscripts), so I’ll probably be around far more often then anyone else is comfortable with. My dual pastimes mean that I have a deep and abiding passion for overexplaining things, using weird fonts and graphic conventions, and just generally making word noise. If I have a chance to explain something, it’ll be in multi-paragraph form, or it’ll be a bad one-liner. I’m not good at the middle ground, you see.

So far I’m still collating information about the game, but I’m working my way through a Beginner’s Guide and a creature overview screed, in between my frequently rabid bursts of inattention and total obsession with my latest review material.

In toto, it’s cool to meet y’all.

Awesome! Definitely already a great contributor to the forums; glad to have you here. :slight_smile: