A wizard is never late!

Updated my avatar and sig earlier and decided that I might aswell go ahead and introduce myself. It’s not late; it’s just precisely when I wanted it to be. You wouldn’t understand, it’s a Wizard thing. You’re probally a Druid, or somesuch nonesense, pfft!

I’m an aspiring artist, acrylics, and author, got a publisher who’s interested and that’s it, from Denmark who tends to waste a lot of time on gaming. In terms of gaming, because you’re not getting anymore personal stuff from me - you internetpeople, I tend to favour RPGs heavily and I’m all about the magics and rituals and lightning storms and fire balls and… I need Magic Missiles in order to function propperly, okay?

Also, I used to live in England for about 7 years due to some family nonsense and… umm…


goes poof!

One question.

Pathfinder or 5E?

Bit of a purist, really, so I’d say 3,5. Then again, I don’t know anybody who actually plays Pathfinder or 5E, so I don’t really have any experience with either. But considering that I’ve heard 5E described as “4E, but better”. I think my money would be squarely on Pathfinder.

Fool me once and all that.

I don’t play 3.X anymore because I know it too well, and I do saddening things like buy spellbooks and sell them back as individual pages for over 50% profit.

4E was like candy corn in that everything was bland and played the same as each other, and there was no element of danger or excitement anywhere. 5E improved on this - it is, at the very least, a potato chip. Singular.

Hmm, come to think of it I do believe a mate of mine has the 5E corebooks lieing around. I’ll see if I can borrow them, have a read and maybe see if I can get a session or two going on. 3,5E is great and all, but as you said it does have a tendency towards stagnation as everybody has played it to death.

A change towards something new and exciting might be for the better. Most important question though; does it have Magic Missiles?



Read this: http://community.wizards.com/forum/previous-editions-character-optimization/threads/1146876

A wizard does not dirty his hands with this “damage” nonsense!

But how else are you surpossed to attack the darkness? Hmm?

With a Continual Flame.

That only repels the darkness. Wizards exist to attack the darkness.


See, this is why wizards phased out when lightbulbs became a thing.


You take that back!