Abaddon's Boon (Cerberus Gatewatcher) bugged? Or do I get it wrong?

Hello everyone!

So I have a problem with the “Abaddon’s boon” trait. It says: “This creature can’t cast spells manually. After this creature Defends, it casts one of its spells that can target all your creatures.”

My plan was to combine this with the Imp Sacrificers trait “Ordinary Abnormality” that casts nature spells one additional time and the trait of the Inaer Rift Dancer “Fan dance” that repeats the effects of creatures defending once.

Yet, when I cast Evolution (as planned), it is only cast on one of my team-members. Elemental Barrier does so, too. Isn’t the cerberus trait supposed to cast a random spell on ALL my team members, not just one? Is this bugged? Or do I get this wrong?

For if someone wants to try replicating this: Fuse Cerberus Gatewatcher with Imp Sacrificer. Socket it’s artifact with Inaer Silk for “Fan Dance”.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Abaddon’s Boon casts spells that can already target all your creatures. It won’t change a single-target spell to make it cast on your entire party.

Ahhhh, so I really got this wrong. Thank you very much! :smiley: