Ability Ideas

Name: Tag Team
Ability: After this creature defends, the creature is replaced with one from your stable and takes another turn. The new creature loses this ability afterwords.
Note: As for enemy creatures, it could instead replace them with any random creature. The stats for the creature could also be scaled for the original creature’s level (e.g., high level creature swaps to low level one, then low level’s stats are changed as if it was the same level as the original).

Name: Family Tree
Ability (could also be a spell maybe): This creature can attack an ally to instead give it a random ability that matches its class (e.g., ally griffon gets an extra griffon related ability).
Note: I considered if this instead triggered at the beginning of your creature’s turns, though that might be too overpowered as you could just hoard up on hounds/griffons/diabolic hoards/etc and basically become invincible.

Name: Repair
Ability: Whenever your creatures lose stats, their lowest stat is increased by the same amount.
Note: This could come in handy when your creatures get hit with things like tsunami, or shellbust,
to where it would add on to the lowest stat. Then again, it may be better if it instead gave 150% for the new stat, but this ability should also ignore self-inflicted stat drops (such as from savage roar).

Thanks for reading!