Ability question

Can I use corpse wrappings on my stronghold? It’s the death’s beckon legendary mat, or will it cancel out my innate abilty? A more general question is exactly how are conflicting abilities handled? Does the second one overwrite or get ignored?


Death Beckons overwrites Taunt which is the buff Steadfast Resilience grants, so it would be a waste to use both of those abilities on the same creature.

Thanks very much. Now I’m assuming because it explicitly states it reduces provoke chance to 35% and that would be addressed after the innate ability but if I have the mob with the death beckons innate and then put the legendary stronghold material on would that work? Sorry for all the questions but I am a theory-crafter at heart. Maybe when you guys have time a general mechanics post or sticky thread would be helpful. I tried searching the forums but all I got were specific questions like the one above.

Just wanted to add I love the complexity and scope of this game. Great job! :smiley:

The order of abilities shouldn’t matter.

In any case, generally the only way to find out how conflicting abilities interact is to try them out. Usually, however, if it’s sounds too good to be true, it is (and if it isn’t, it’ll be patched out soon. Death Beckons used to work together with Steadfast Resilience in a previous version).

Pre version 2.1.0 you were able to do have a mummy lord with steadfast resilience aka Stronghold with death beakons. Couple that with another creature with curse of the silent (or just a nightmare mummy) and you had a near unbeatable tank. Frenzy Ghoul was a real pain on that combo however, preventing its ability to provoke. I always went with the mummy lord over the stronghold cuz the sprite looks so much cooler :slight_smile:

Easier to get the material on a Stronghold than to get the mummy for a while, though.

RIP Pegasus+Cradle to the Grave.
? - 2.0.25

Pegasus w/ Cradle was too good. You will be missed by all. A tank that doesn’t need to defend/or provoke, but vulnerable to multi target attackers like Skeleton Mortarman. But I still think CTTG Pegasus was better than Steadfast Mummy due to the fact that his dying activated many awesome on-death abilities, leading to many creative combinations.

One Pegasus setup I liked using:
Pegasus + Cradle
Omnipotent Diety + Sacrimony
Fallen Carnage + Cold Blood

Add a Raven with Crawl through Knives to speed up the procc of Chysaor’s Ambition and to make kills easier for FC. and some more attack boosters and a Nightmare Mummy.

But the days of the near invincible Pegasus seem to be coming to an end. The nerf was probably necessary but doesn’t mean I like it :frowning: And RNG’s in any game I play seem to hate me so I probably won’t get more than 2 Cradles in a match.

Yea. I got very lucky. But I also invested royalty points really early into upgrading power spells and maxing out the goblet of power construction rituals. Within my first 50 or so power spells I managed to create a Mummy Lord, Ancient Ent, Master Shapeshifter, Shogun, and Incursion Reaper.