Ability Questions

Clairvoyant Spirit’s Ability (Abnegation) says your creatures have additional attack, luck and defense equal to 15% of your power balance. So if my power balance is at 200% would I gain 30% attack/defence/luck? If so that sounds like a very nice buffing ability since it affects your whole team

When using witch doctor sacrificer’s ability, it says 100% more damage taken when defending. If I get a pad defense would I then take 50% more? Or would it be 100 more and than 50% of that?
Also, he takes 100% more damage, so no matter what I would like to keep him from getting attacked. So far though it seems like when he starts his blood dance he is instantly targeted. Do I have to have someone go right before/after him and have them provoke? Or something along those lines?

Abnegation is one of the best general buffs in the game and you will almost never suffer for having it in your team.

Enemies always target who they will deal the most damage to, and Blood Dance puts your Sacrificer right up on the top of that list. I would either precede the Blood Dance with a Stronghold’s Provoke (so that it automatically intercepts all attacks) or give the Sacrificer the Cloak and Dagger legendary enchant, which makes it also turn invisible when defending. This is the preeminent defensive combo of the game, by the by.

Ok cool. I’ll have to look for that enchant then.
Thanks for the help.