Ability to delete save file from main menu

Would be nice to be able to delete save files from the main menu. Definitely will be a bigger deal on consoles and mobile than on PC, but would be convenient either way. I know you can choose new game and then save over the old slot, but I created a test character in a second slot to confirm certain bugs, and it would be convenient to be able to delete it entirely, not having anything in the second slot.

I am thinking maybe this is intentional, to keep people from accidentally deleting there saves, but I feel one of those pesky, β€˜Are you really, really, really sure?’, multiple-prompt setups where you keep switching which button is the agree button is more effective, and less restricting.

Thanks for your time!

You can delete your save. Select new game, then slot. It will ask you if you are sure, then will delete. If you close, you will have a blank save space or continue on with new game.

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That is great to know, thank you!
Still, it could be much more obvious and a little simpler with a delete option available.