Ability to make Gem "sets"

I have been breeding my creatures once they get to my level. Putting their artifacts back on post-breeding is not so bad, since I make a habit of mass salvaging most of the junk right before breeding. With gems though, I find it extremely obnoxious. As other people have stated, later game players end up with a HUGE amount of spell gems, and there is no mass “get rid of these” without costing a lot of resources. What I propose is the ability to somehow create a “set” out of gems. Basically, I would want to keep a set for each of my main party. My caster has more spell slots, so that set would need to hold more. Then post-breeding I could just chose a “set” of gems to equip, rather than sifting through all of the gems for each creature.

If that is not possible, at least some way to tag things with a different letter. I have locked gems for anything I might want to use one day, so that alone is not enough to make finding the ones for my creatures easy. If I could mark some with a P (for party) in addition to the L, it could make the process less terrible. If you do that system, that would be awesome for artifacts as well.

Thanks for considering it!

Unless I’m misreading your post, this feature already exists. Menu -> Creatures -> Manage Item Sets.

It does! So sorry about that then, I never noticed it! I am glad you already thought of it =)