About 1.1.0

I’ve just read the announcements about upcoming 1.1.0. It looks absolutely amazing.

I think I’ll have tons of questions about the optional online functionality but I prefer asking only one : when can we expect this patch to be released ?

It pretty much has to be released by October 20 to make sure it’s available to the iOS crowd in time for Halloween (which is October 31). Currently, I am planning for the event to last until November 9.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I’m confident it’ll be out in time.

Seriously though. Every time I hear about a new patch it just sounds more and more awesome… Can’t wait!

I’ve been able to play the 1.1.0 a few minutes and I have a feedback and some questions :

  • The slow movement speed on realms is back and seems to happen a lot when walking through “fogged” tiles
  • What quality of network does the game expect to connect to siralim servers ? I have opened the game with a slow but working connection and it has not been able to connect. I have closed and opened again with a more stable connection and it has managed to connect. All of that while on mobile network, not wifi.
  • What happens if I lose the connection while playing ? Can I still play the current event ?
  • About the new nether system, orbs now have a number of gems you can attach to it, but how much of each enchanted gems can you attach to an orb ? Does it depend of the kind and number of activations ?
  • What is more efficient ? 2 activations of a color with 1 gem of that color, or 1 activation with 2 gems ? What are the maths behind the number of activations and gems ?

I found something that is causing the lag. I’ll release a hotfix today.

The game downloads a very small file (no larger than 2 KB) when the game is first started. After that, you no longer need an internet connection so you can safely disconnect. If you don’t get a connection, you can try loading your saved game then saving/exiting so that you don’t have to close out of the game entirely. Although, you said your connection was slow - you might have just needed to give it a few seconds before loading your saved game. Despite the file only being 2 KB in size, it still might take some time for you to contact our servers if your connection is slow.

You can have as many gems of an enchantment as you want now. If your orb supports 20 gems, feel free to use 20 rubies. Or, you can use 10 emeralds and 10 rubies. The combination is your choice now. The total number of gems that you use simply has to be less than or equal to the maximum number of gems on your orb.

Hotfix is out! The lag came from the Halloween event. Should be fixed now.

Thanks for the answers.

I’d still want to know the relation between number of activations and number of gems :

Could you answer that ?

For now, I don’t want to give out the exact formulas because I think that cheapens the game for a lot of people.

There’s not really a difference in efficiency (unless I’m misunderstanding the question) between 2 gems and 1 activation or 2 activations and 1 gem. In both cases, you have an opportunity cost for what could be a different gem or a different activation type.

One thing to keep in mind is that Nether Orb activations are subject to diminishing returns. 2 Ruby activations do not have double the potency of 1 Ruby activation.

OK I was aware that you would not give exact formulas and I understand. Your answer is reasonably clear though :slight_smile:


I still have some little lags when walking in the realms, they are a lot smaller than before 1.1.1 though.

The sprite for the Diabolic Intruder facing south is blinking and not animated.