Acrobatics possible bug

I’ve noticed that I always hit Sulfuric Vortices for 0 damage even with physical attacks. Does it count as spell damage or something?

Nope, shouldn’t have anything to do with Acrobatics. There could be a bug with something else that is causing that to happen. I can’t seem to find anything suspicious at the moment, though.

What I mean is, normally Acrobatics adds the extra damage even if you’re going to do 0 damage with your attack, but on Sulfuric Vortices my attacks do 0 damage until I have enough Attack to bypass their Defense.

Damage added by Acrobatics is still mitigated by defense and other effects, so maybe that’s what’s happening?

I’m pretty sure it isn’t, I go from 8 to 300k damage by switching my Intelligence to Speed.

Even without Swiftcasting, I mean.