Adaptation Perk Question

Taking too long to grind deity points to test it myself (Trial Expansion means new game), so asking a question about the nature mage perk adaptation…

If you put a Morph Chaos gem on say a nature based creature, the creature can now only equip chaos gems right?

I only ask this because the wording ‘at the start of battle’ leaves a bit to be desired.

it doesn’t change the creature’s class until battle, so it can only equip nature gems

Hmm, thanks Umaro

I would assume the hybridization thing would work for hounds if I goofed with morph gems?

On another note, I noticed that at nether realms 75 and 90, the wiki lists both as

Your creatures' class-specific traits act as if your party contains 2 more creatures that belong to that class. This trait does not stack. 

Meaning the Thylacine setup with both traits on a nether terror hound could act as -100% attack, intelligence and defence on each attack?