Add an option to make teams, so i can change team easily


What about an option in the Stable to make teams, so i can switch my teams easily, instead of picking all creatures one by one, in and out of my party ?

That option already exist once you have upgraded your stable with a ritual. You might just not be far enough.

Oh, great news, thanks.

When is this becoming possible ? I’m level 34 i think, still no upgrade for Stable.

Can’t remember what level, maybe its related to a certain boss, or diety. No idea what triggers it. But just continue playing and it will showup.

That was my plan anyway, to continue playing.

I think I got the stable upgrade that lets you make groups around 40 or so? It was recent, and I’m 50 now.

40 sounds about right, fits my timeline too.

One of us needs to start a new game and start noting what level you get certain buildings and put it on the wiki… Wish we still had the random creature order start option, because that added a lot of replayability for me in Siralim 1. Don’t really see the point in starting over now.

With a infinite game, and option to change class, i don’t see any reason i should roll a second toon, but that’s perfectly fine for me, the game is not about starting over but collecting things with a huge grind system.