Add 'Go to Macro X' as an option for Macros' outputs

When a Macro’s condition is true, I want to be able to switch to a different Macro.

For example: ‘If this creature has >4 dead enemies, go to Macro 2’
Then Macro 2 would contain whatever conditions you generally want your creatures to test when you’ve only got 1 enemy remaining. If Macro 2 doesn’t yield anything, it would return to whatever line of whatever Macro it came from.

There are a ton of conditions I find myself testing again and again in a lot of different Macros, so this would save a lot of time inputting the same thing over and over. I feel it would also open up a lot of new options for Macros, at a relatively low cost.

I appreciate it wouldn’t be a simple case of adding the option in, something would have to prevent infinite logic loops, and probably other things I haven’t thought of…but maybe this is just a really easy feature that will let me build the Macro-based automaton of my dreams…