Add piety to goblet of giving reward

Right now, the goblet of givings rewards seem a little low - it gives resources equal to a couple of realms, and provides an excuse to try other specs, but not enough to quite justify the effort. If the goblet also gave piety on completion, perhaps similar to completing a line or two of prophecies, it would significantly more enticing to keep different teams at the ready for its quests.

I definitely like that the goblet of giving encourages playing with multiple specs. Granting Piety might help to make it more interesting, but I think the best thing for the goblet would be unique rewards only obtainable from it. I’m a little concerned though how the goblet requires you to advance your highest realm depth 10 times for one reward. I feel like completing a realm one below your highest realm should be sufficient. Just don’t like being forced to increase my highest realm level by ten every time I want a goblet of giving reward, especially when the monsters gain several levels per realm. Almost makes me feel like I should unlock all 15 specializations before increasing my realm level anymore, as it will just get harder the higher I get.

From my experience so far, it doesn’t actually seem like increased realm depth actually gets any harder. I’m in the 400s now, and it feels exactly the same as being <100. It seems like your creatures level at a fast enough rate to keep the power balance relatively even. With the the fusion vendor offering level catchups for sale, it’s also pretty easy to swap creatures in and out of a team or even catch a different team up to your current max when you switch specs.

The one thing that makes some higher levels tougher for me is needing to play a spec I’m not familiar with and can’t figure out a good build for.

I often just have to resort to Diabolic Horde squads that don’t really use the specs perks at all, but are still tough enough.

But I would love getting Piety from it, as you need LOTS of Piety for all the Relics (or even leveling up one…) and the main reason I want to do higher realms for more emblems, and just feel I have to use the spec to get some extra bonuses.