Afew quick questions.

  1. Does the attack buff from royality points apply to paranormal slimes (or creatures that have the mimicry ability to be exact) after they steal the oppenents stats or only when the fight starts.

2.Is the max chance to get a nether demon always 20% or is it 20% per demon dust?

  1. Does the 20% bonus to stats from nether demon apply to creatues who use mimicry after they steal the oppenents stats or only the creatues stat values before the ability trigger.

  2. Can the chaos mage ability Bloodbath and the status effect critical both proc at the same time and if they do is the damage multiplied by 4 or by 3?


  1. Those points are only allocated at the start of battle, so they’re overridden by the Paranormal Slime’s ability.

  2. You can’t stack multiple Demon Dusts.

  3. Doppelganger overrides just about everything including the demon stat boosts.

  4. Yes they can, and the increases are independently applied to the total damage dealt.

Okay. Another question i had was does the Emerald attunement buff provide a flat 50% damage bonus at all times or is this only when the enemy is defending or provoking?
The description of this ability always confuses me.

Also does the ability Sadisitic Pleasure trigger on calamity or with other abilities or with attacks only.

Thanks for the quick answers before by the way!

Only when the enemy is defending or provoking.

Sadistic Pleasure is for attacks only.


I had to switch up my royality points invested in damage and attack increases Stupid me! Had 500+ points invested going to waste their new home shall definetly be more helpful. Thanks for answering that for me!

I can’t wait to try a calamity paranormal slime that gains 50% more damage per dead creature on the battle field, honestly love the fact that this game gives you the tools to shape your group in your style so you can enjoy it yourself your own way. Great job to developers in my opinion!