Aggressive auto-saving as an option.

This game auto-saves. A lot. And, I understand the general reasoning behind it. But… In the end, it can’t outright stop save-scumming, it just makes it a less convenient prospect. It would be nice to have an option to tone the auto-saving down for those of us who’re affected by it in other, unpleasant ways.

Currently, it takes roughly 12 seconds to save the game on my primary file. This means it takes about 16 seconds just to transmute a single legendary material. I clocked the time it took me to use 10 Pills of Upgrading, came out to 158 seconds. That’s over an hour to use the whole 295 pills(I know they’re going to be changed, but it’ll still take at least 15 minutes of just pill-popping alone to max an aura.) Anothet thing to consider here, is that for us mobile players, this constant write-hammering is bad for our internal storage chips.

But, if an option to tone this down isn’t, well, an option… Would dropping the auto-saving on nether creature items be okay? None of them have randomized results anymore, right?

I never thought the game autosaved that much

currently you can easily do the following:

[ul][li]quit after dying in a realm to keep your power balance (though you lose the 15% from entering)[/li]
[li]quit after rerolling sigils (race) to get your resources back[/li]
[li]quit after completing a sigil and seeing the reward to try it again[/li][/ul]