Air realm feather event not working

This is a report for a friend, so I might not have the names correct. He’s running Windows 10 and is still on the 0.0.4 version.
He got some kind of event in an air/cloud realm where you need to catch a feather, and it has a chance of blowing away or being caught, but it doesn’t seem to allow him to catch it even after an hour of trying.
He’s met the god and spoken to them multiple times, and have gotten them to the Respected level of favor (867/1500).
If there’s any other details needed to help figure out or reproduce it, I can probably get a hold of them. Should it be showing up as a side quest?

Edit: Probably fixed in 0.0.6

Seems like it may not be fixed in 0.0.6, though it hasn’t been tested in 0.0.7, and this time it was tested out to ten attempts to grab the feather. It’s worked for other users, so I’m not sure if the problem is with a specific OS or savefile :frowning: