All enemies have zero stats

Hi and sorry for posting so much bugs - this is my third bug topic today, I am not provoking these bug on purpose.

0.16.2 | Win 10 x64

All enemies have zero stats - I thought they cannot sink below 25%?

What did I do?
Battle started, I firmly believe every enemy had 0 stats from begin with because none of them could harm me, I also could not reduce there stats with Devour.
It was an Itherian Hex realm battle with CJ 2 extra traits.

I have not inspected the etrxra traits of the 3 dead creatures but the 3 one screenshot had following traits:

Marble Imler:

  • Nothing to loose
  • Temeperance (maybe this is the key to the bug)
  • Foot eater

Elf Babarian

  • Hate and other Triumphs
  • Coerced Existence
  • Endurance Aura

Granite Golem

  • Embolden
  • Charity
  • Natures Blessing

Well, that’s it i am really sure the battle started with a 0 stat enemy team.
I hope you can find the culprit.

Again thank you for your time.

Does this happen in every battle, or was it just this one?

Only in this Itherian Boss Battle. First time I experienced this.

I became suspicious after I could not reduce the stats of the enemy, but only after a few rounds and kills I inspected them since all their attacks and spells dealt 0 damage.