All Hallows Eve event


I have a question about All Hallows Eve event and the items you have to collect for Zonte.

I have very easily found some of the items : Pumpkin Pieces, Preserved Spices, Cooking Giblets and Boo Berries. But I am currently looking for the item located in the Grassland realm. I have explored two grassland realms without finding an item for Zonte. Do those items have different chances to spawn in their respective realms ?

Oh and I have encountered the Pumpking with my resource gathering team which is not very effective in fight and I have had a hard time defeating him ! By the way, once defeated, the Pumpking has stayed where it was and I have been able to fight him again, is it normal ? Shouldn’t he disappear after being defeated ?

All the items are pretty rare to find, but the item in the Grasslands is the rarest of them all. It’s definitely possible to go through two full Grasslands realms and not find it :slight_smile:

Hmm, yes, the Pumking should be disappearing. It’s fine that he’s not disappearing this year, I guess. It’ll just make it a bit easier than it should be to get his particle and crafting material.

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

Hi again,

I’m beginning to wonder if the item you have to find in life realm is not bugged because I have explored at least 6 life realms and have not found the item. I still have to find the ones in sorcery and winter realms after that. I hope I find all those items before november 9th !

Nope, not bugged :slight_smile: It might be worth investing in Alteration spells from Bynine to get to the proper realms a little more easily.

Yes that’s what i do, I must only be unlucky with finding the life realm item.


Any chance the event keeps running a few days more ? I still miss two items from life and sorcery realms :frowning:

You still have time. It won’t end for another 48 hours or so. :slight_smile:

I’ve found all the items for Zonte. The hardest were the sorcery and life ones. It was a nice event.

Glad to hear it! Future holiday events will probably be a little less grind-intensive.

Yeah I think this one was a bit too much time consuming. I believe I have spent around 15 hours grinding for the items. I have managed to get them all as well as invoking the Pumking but I have not gotten its legendary and I have found only two of the rare event material.