All Skeleton Marksman vs. Willow Spirits

I’ve been running a team of 6 Skeleton Marksmen, and finding that by and large, we can obliterate pretty much any team we face, usually before the opponent gets a chance to move.


Facing Willow Spirits is a nightmare - they go invisible after the first hit, and apparently don’t become visible again until after they have made their way back to the top of the queue not once, but twice.

Being that the whole point of my setup is to keep opponents from ever reaching the top of the queue, this means that unless I keep destructive magic on hand specifically for the Willow Spirits, fighting them becomes very time consuming, as my skeletons now clamber over one another in an effort to keep the spirit from becoming visible again.

Fun stuff. :slight_smile: Any suggestions, other than Armageddoning the hell out of Willow Spirits whenever I come across them?

Use an artifact with Peekaboo! trait.