All skins missing (exchanged for at altar)

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Unfortunately I have no idea how to reproduce it. I noticed it after the update to 2.3.2, but am not sure if that had anything to do with it. Skins that were purchased:

1 Amaranth
1 Sphinx
1 Fog Spirit
1 Ophan

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Windows 10

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2.3.2 (Steam)

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I had bred all of these on patch 2.3.1, then went to pick them up after completing the rituals (after the update, if that had anything to do with it). Went into consumables to re-apply the skins and they weren’t there.

Weird - I’m sorry about that!

Do you have the DLC that gives you all the skins? If not, I’d be happy to compensate you for the loss but I’ll need access to your save file. The best option would be to upload it with the cloud storage feature and PM your Cloud ID to me on these forums.