Allow filtering out items from loot display while still acquiring them

Personally, when I open a treasure chest or otherwise receive loot, I still want to GET, but don’t care to SEE, a lot of the items that drop. There are very few items I care to see during regular play, and it would save me time to not have to look through a list of mostly “don’t care” drops just to find the very few things I want to see.

A set of options (or punishments) to filter out what loot is displayed without changing what loot is received would be really useful.

For example, an option for each of the following, i.e. “filter out FOO from loot lists”…

Handful of * / Satchel of * – This one ALONE would be SUPER valuable.
Artifacts without Traits
Artifacts with Traits (?)
Cards (?)
Charms (?) (not sure if these can ever drop as loot)
Pandemonium Tokens
Eggs (?)
Common materials (colored amber)
Uncommon materials (absorber of *, curio of *, etc)
Rare materials (give traits) (?)
Spell Gems without properties
Spell Gems with properties (?)

Ones with (?) above are ones where I’m not sure why anyone would ever want to filter them out of loot lists, so an option for them may not be worth having.

Less granular filters like “filter out materials” would be virtually useless - the specificity is a must for these to add value.

I’d personally filter everything above except the (?) items, but really just the ability to filter out handfuls/satchels would be INCREDIBLY useful. When I open a chest and see 9 items in the list of which 8 are handfuls/satchels, I really want those resources but I really DON’T want to have to scroll through them to see more interesting things.

Obviously, a loot list that just shows “Filtered by option” (or punishment) would be required for drops where everything falls in the filtered out set.