Allow outside audio to play during the game (iOS, maybe Android)

It would be great if Siralim in iOS (and maybe Android too, but I’m not familiar with it) allowed audio from other apps to keep playing when you open Siralim. Many games do this, and it lets you listen to your phone’s music, audiobooks, etc. while you play.

It’s nice for games like Siralim where sometimes you just want to load it up and grind away for a bit without concentrating on it too much, so you put on some music or a podcast to go with it.

lol! I actually keep thinking oh man how awesome would it be if I could go into game settings, and be able to select an mp3 from my phones library of music for a specific thing in the game such as choosing something to play during a normal battle and something for the boss bottles (sigils) / Quest battles. Oh yeah I would be in heaven lol.

P.S. honestly never knew but is such a thing possible to do?

Android version allows outside music to play for me, though I generally like to hear the in-game music. I put the main menu screen on and like to listen to it in the background; (would be nice to get a soundtrack to listen outside of the game :stuck_out_tongue: )

I second this. Though I really do like the score in Siralim, sometimes when you just go in for some grinding I’d like the game to not cancel out the music I’m already paying.

This appears to be working properly on my iPhone 5s and my iPad Mini 3. You have to start your music first, then start the game.

It doesn’t work on my iPhone 6, with iOS 8.1.1. I open the music app, tap play, the music starts playing. Then I press the home button, tap on Siralim, and then the Music app music stops playing and Siralim’s native music starts playing instead. I’ll try updating to the latest version of iOS when I get home to see if that fixes it.

I updated to iOS 8.2 and now it works. Apparently something about the latest iOS update fixed the issue.

Edit: I later found out that updating iOS didn’t fix my issue. The issue was that I needed to kill the Siralim app before starting the audio and then it works. See my next post below for details.

Then I really have to update, as for now, if someone calls me, all sound is killed from the game completely :frowning:


Sorry, I was wrong before when I thought the issue was fixed by me updating iOS. That was just a coincidence. It looks like the real issue is that you can only listen to outside audio if you start the audio while the Siralim app is completely closed. If you have the Siralim app open, then go to the home screen and open the audio, and then open the Siralim app again, then it doesn’t work. Siralim stops the outside audio and plays its native audio.

To make it work, you have to completely close the Siralim app in the task manager (double tap the home button to open the task manager, then swipe the Siralim window off screen) and then start the audio and then open Siralim again. Note that this makes you lose any progress you had in the current realm you were in, so wait until you finish a realm and make sure to save before you close Siralim.

I think I’ve used other apps that didn’t require the app to be closed in the task manager for outside audio to play. If you can make Siralim do that too, it would be great. It confused me trying to figure out how to make it work and I’m sure it has confused or will confuse some other people too.

I don’t have any control over that, unfortunately. It’s either the engine we’re using (I don’t have access to that code, of course) or something to do with iOS. I’ll get in contact with our engine developers in case that’s the issue.

It must have something to do with iOS, cause I have no such issue with playing outside audio during siralim on my android. Sorry :\

Awesome, thanks for checking.