Allow us to see the arena shop right after placing

Currently, if you have not yet participated in the arena, you are unable to view the shop, seeing a message about not having earned the right to purchase anything. Considering the cost to enter the arena, and the fact that the player is likely still unlocking lots of core projects which cost the same resource (and the same amount) to take on, it would be more encouraging to try the arena earlier if we could see what we could earn there. I also really do not see any particular reason to prevent the player from viewing this shop.

There’s literally nothing in the shop until after you win some battles, though, so I don’t see how that would help.
Do you mean show future unlockable shop items and which rank you unlock them at?

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I was not aware. I have not yet ventured into it. As I mentioned in the post, it is not very enticing early on because it costs so much to give it a try, thus being able to see what kind of rewards are possible would be some encouragement. So no prizes show up at all until you ‘rank up’?

Yeah, each rank (5 wins) unlocks new items in the shop, not sure when the last items are unlocked but yeah, it takes a long time to unlock them all. it might be kind of cool if it showed the next 2 or 3 ranks of unlocks in the shop, but that might also be confusing, idk.

I feel like people have suggested having different God Shop items and their needed ranks displayed in the Codex, maybe Arena items could be, too?

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That would definitely be nice! I very much dislike having to check the wiki or travel into a realm just to remind myself of what each god offers. Heck, that sounds like a good place for another Utility shop project to unlock. The castle god shop. Since there are no more pending items in realms, might as well just let us buy them at base. We cannot earn the emblems in base anyways, so it is not making the gameplay any easier on us, just the item lookup.

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