Alpha access but no early access?

Hi guys,

I backed Siralim Ultimate on Kickstarter back in the day and played for a lot of the alpha. I’ve recently wanted to play again to see all of the changes but I can no longer play. The button says Purchase instead of play. I’ve checked my kickstarter email and only have the original email with the alpha key and a link to a backer survey.

Did the alpha access not come with a copy of the game? Do I need to pay again? Or is this some sort of steam error?

Thank you for any assistance.


So there should be another email from Zack that gave you a fresh Steam key to update to Early Access. If there isn’t, email him after he comments on here(Which he will, sometime in the next 12 or so hours), and you should be able to come to a solution! Thanks for your patience, and happy slaughtering!

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Thanks Leucien - it’s been about 10 days now but I understand Zach is probably busy, especially if its a manual thing.

Please e-mail me ( along with your backer tier and the e-mail you used to make your purchase! You needed to fill out a survey that was due on March 1 but I can still give you your key.