Alteration spell didn't work when portaling back to town first

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I was on level 1 of the dungeon and cast “Alteration: Life”, then portaled back to town, then portaled to a fresh level. It wasn’t a life level. When I went through that level and activated the portal to level 2, it also wasn’t a life level.

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This is how the spell is intended to work - you have to use the teleportation shrine in the realm itself.

Drat. I thought it might be. Any chance of getting the description clarified, then? What it says right now is just “The next realm you visit will be a Life realm.”

Now that you mention it, I should probably just make it so that this works the way you’re expecting it to work AND allow it to be used in the castle. :slight_smile:

Huzzah! Thank you!

I would appreciate that.

yes please!! Saves me wasting silver tickets to be able to get the realm I wanted lol