Always on Turbo mode.

Would like an optional turbo mode, that doesnt require holding down E. Quite a few stuff breaks E-mode turbo and i end up spamming E to basically get through stuff. I have a reactive team that can trigger up to 8 buff/Debuff entries per teammeber/enemy + loads of on hit spells etc. And it still takes forever just to go through one round.

So that would be a nice option to have, for those of us that can keep up and know the drill already.
Maybe have E instead slow it down to normal while held?

I would just like to be able to hold down E rather than having to press it constantly when a selection is required.

I would be happy if holding down E actually had turbo speed UNTIL the next selection, a lot of things make it slow down to normal speed, like a new cast from a trigger etc.

Generally, more turbo!