Amaranthine + sigile property cant loose stats leads to unwinnable combat

You could possibly still dimish its hp via anomaly, but if you fail to do so before all are dead, thats it, you cant also ressurect enemy creatures (for some reason idk i think its not right) so sorta stuck in an easy otherwise sigil. Since you cannot damage it by attacks/spells/non attack-spell damage. Funny,*** only burn seem to do damage***. No mana bomb
So it took me quite long since ive tried all my arsenal only burn did damage. Weak + vulnerable made if faster since i have Zod rune. Didnt have poison/bleed stuff. Guess if map had immune to debuffs things would go sad. Like unbeatable even in theory.

Please let us at least allow to ressurect/cast breath of life on enemies :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand that combat was more challenging that any battle that i had so far and now certainly made me to shuffle my gems selection a bit and to give some chaos perks that were ambivalent a new look :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the point of difficult battles like sigils. Not all battles can be won with any team. Some of them will have you thinking about a different team setup or strategy by the necessity of its characteristics.

think its a singular exceptional thing. sigil, cant loose stats, immune to debuffs - feels pretty safe ye. there are very specific setups needed to beat it. its a portal boss (optional, it was). But i just roll sigils paying a bit more attention now to avoid unpredictable situations. Its not hard. Its just a mechanic that depends on a multitude of factors. Think being immune to a) attacks b) spells c) non-attack non-spell damage at the same time and being killable only by exceptional mechanics is just an oddity. NO i dont say it needs to be nerfed or doesnt need to be nerfed. ITs an amusing experience. Funnier, its a draw mechanic when you have to flee, or be very creative. since mob cannot damage you for live even if you ll get to some monstrous exhaustion levels. And his stats ultimately doesnt matter. Just need to be more prepared. Heck anything can be beaten with almost any team combination. Id just have a spare diamond attunement artifact to equip a lil beforehead in cases like that. And definitely a full debuff setup spread over all team members just in case even if never use :stuck_out_tongue:

Id ressurect that thread, now we have resistant nemesis (same cant loose stats + immune to debuffs) + amaranthine.
Its only killable via anomaly and only if you are careful enough so it will be one of the first to die (heal others). Its weird and wicked, tbh id suggest to remove amaranthine from resistant nemesis groups, and maybe remove em from cant loose stats sigils spawns as well, at least with nemesis groups it doesnt look like a feature at all, more like a bug/weird design. Oh i understand that its a rare roll to have amaranthine in the sigil with cant loose stats or even in a nemesis group, but at least with nemesis group can lead to ppl royally pissed. Ive just killed it by healing other mobs, but at least in resistant group i just cant see how it can be damaged w/o anomaly, nothing else could do it, basically its by itself immune to all damage, and dealing damage to it via anomaly is more like a trick.

OR idk, change trait, if its incassedence, make it lose 10% of its max hp (defense) every turn doing it as damage to all enemies, or something like it dies after X turns dealing all of its remaining defense as damage to all enemies and afflicting em with burn - something that wont lead to such dead ends that we can have now. When it cant die nor it can kill us.