An option to reset creature level

I am not sure how viable this is but i would like an option to reset a creature level so that i can sent the same level team out. For normal creature i can easily just summon a new one but for those special creatures with hard to get cores and nether creatures i can’t do that.

Also i hope we can get change team option. That is we can register a few teams at the stable and change out the whole team at once.

That first idea would be pretty nice, even if it’s not really an option for the game mechanically.

However, my biggest reason for commenting here is that second idea. It’s gold! Some type of team presetting would be excellent and would encourage players to branch out and try different teams and strategies. Mainly because they wouldn’t have to worry about trying to reorganize their creatures every time and don’t have to worry about forgetting that cool team build they had earlier. If Zack is reading this, please consider doing this, if possible. It would add not only “quality of life”, but also a more fully enjoyable and open gameplay.