Android 1.0.5 - BT Controller issues, Pixel 5/Chromebook

Hi - really enjoying the SU launch on Android. I am having a couple of issues with my Bluetooth controller (FlyDigi Wee 2T)

I saw the note on the Google Play Store that mentioned controller issues, so I am hoping to get some more support.

On my Pixel 5:
Using the controller, I have noticed a small issue when interacting with the shrines in realms. Whenever I access the shop at the shrine, it automatically attempts to purchase the item where my cursor defaults. It made me purchase a decoration the other day, which was a bummer. If I use the on screen buttons, this doesn’t happen. My controller does not have a turbo setting, to my knowledge, and this does not happen with other menu screens.

On my Chromebook:
I just purchased a Chromebook recently and wanted to try the game on it. My controller joysticks work just fine, but no button inputs are registered. I can’t even install the FlyDigi app on the Chromebook, unfortunately.

Please let me know if I can provide any other information.

A fix is on the way for the shops, but the game doesn’t support Chromebooks very well due to GameMaker not fully supporting them yet. Once they add support, I’ll update the game, though.

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