[Android 1.0.5] Controller Issues

I’ve been playing on the AYN Odin and it’s been working almost perfectly, but there’s a few controller problems I’ve ran into. This is the only game I’ve played so far on the Odin that has had some of these funky controller quirks so I’m wondering if it’s something fixable in the game.

  • When starting up the game, it constantly scrolls down in the main menu (like if you plugged in a controller on a console while holding the stick down). If I move the analog, it fixes it. Also, the A button doesn’t select, and I have to use the C button (X on the Odin). The A button works fine once I’m in the game, and there’s no weird scrolling issues afterwards either.

  • So far, I’ve noticed three shops that will attempt to autobuy the first item when I enter the shop menu: nether boss, God token, and casino Dwarf shop (I suspect the Arena shop as well, but haven’t progressed enough there). If I use the touchscreen controls to open the shop, it doesn’t autobuy. As an additional note while fiddling with the controls, I got this crash a few times (trying to reproduce it):

action number 1
Of Key Press Event for E-key Key
For object obj_shop:
L32 argument is unset